green-planet-appeal: is a (UK) NGO Social Enterprise established in the hope of aiding our environment, one way that we’re achieving this is through the various tree planting programmes that we’ve created, giving the opportunity to help offset the carbon impact that we all have on our planet in the hope of creating a greener tomorrow today for all our future generations.

The trees that we plant are registered as planted with the UNEP Billion Tree Campaign,

The UNEP Billion Tree Campaign was handed over to the Young People of the Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation - UNEP in Durban (South Africa) / Nairobi, 7 December 2011:  More Info Here  Plant-for-the-Planet Here 

green-planet-appeal: Is an Independent (UK) NGO Social Enterprise for non-profit we plant all our trees directly through our Planting Partner, we then register them as planted with the UNEP Billion Tree Campaign.

 act on climate change