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My Big Green Switch

Welcome to My Big Green Switch Campaign:

In light of the COP21 climate talks in Paris plus all the recent local flooding events in the UK green-planet-appeal is calling upon everyone to make a commitment in helping save our planet for all future generations by joining the My Big Green Switch Campaign where we're asking everyone from all walks of life to switch their energy supply from fossil fuels to a renewable energy supplier. By using clean, renewable energy we all can demonstrate our commitment to care for our neighbours and planet the place we all call our common home.

By using clean, renewable energy we can start to help restore our planet bringing a balance to God’s beautiful creation. Clean energy sources offer a reliable energy supply and secure long term jobs, fuelling prosperity for all our communities both near and far.

By acting together, we will send a clear and powerful message to governments and businesses that we are all prepared to lead the way in helping our planet for the benefit of all future generations and that by switching to renewables is crucial if we are to live in and enjoy God’s world together.

It’s a simple process to switch over to a green energy supplier for everyone within your community, green-planet-appeal already has green deal’s in place with both Ecotricity / Good Energy for you to take up today,

Plus, when you switch over to green energy with one of our deals you will also help us in planting tree’s to support community life in some of the poorest parts of our world.

These awesome green deals that we’re bringing you today are truly green in every way for you, in fact when you switch to one of these green deals the trees that you are helping us plant not only help to support community life in some of the poorest parts of our world they also help in reducing tonnes of Co2 from our atmosphere helping our environment for all future generations.

Collectively your community can help in so many ways, whether you wish to switch at your home or inspire your neighbours to switch, the process to switch is simple and affordable in an easy way to a green energy tariff that restores, rather than damages, creation.

Registering couldn't be simpler. Click on the link below to begin the quick and easy process.

Register Here 

Thank you for taking the time in reading about My Big Green Switch Campaign today.

Kindest regards


“Act on Climate Change”