Cycling provided highly efficient transport before carbon-intensive travel became widespread, and it is part of the solution for a low-carbon future. It is one of the simplest lifestyle choices that individuals can make to reduce their carbon footprint. It also has huge benefits for their health, their wallets and their neighbourhoods.

Why Cycle?

Here are our top 10 reasons why you should keep cycling, or consider starting to cycle if you’re a new or ex-cyclist.  Here (

Everything you need to know about the Cycle to Work scheme:

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Cyclescheme enables your employees to get a bike tax-free, saving on average about half the cost. It's completely free to join, and easy to administer online Read More... Here  (cyclescheme)

Free Cycle Training Courses:

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Communicating Cycle Training: Perceptions and Experiences of Adult Cycle Training:

Communicating Cycle Training: Messaging to engage with everyday cyclists Here  (SHUSU)

Report: Communicating Cycle Training Perceptions and Experiences of Adult Cycle Training Here pdf (SHUSU)

( Sherriff, G 2014, 'Communicating Cycle Training: Perceptions and Experiences of Adult Cycle Training', for: BikeRight!, University of Salford, City, UK. )


Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign is a voluntary group working to make cycling in Greater Manchester quicker, safer, easier and more enjoyable.

The Campaign meets on the 2nd Monday of each month, from 7.00pm at the Friends Meeting House, Mount Street, Manchester, M2 5NS, close to Manchester Town Hall. The meeting is usually followed by a drink in a nearby pub. Come along and get involved or meet us on one of our social rides.

The Campaign wants more people to cycle for transport and leisure. It represents and empowers people who do this.

We have been operating since 1981, under the former name, Sprocket. (GMCC)

More info about GMCC Here: