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green-planet-appeal is a not for profit NGO, We do not receive any Government funding and we rely entirely on the funding that we receive from our partners to support our programs and growth.

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We’re looking for like-minded corporations who are interested in fostering greater sustainability.

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green-planet-appeal is looking for your help & support. We’d like to plant more trees this year. Each tree we plant in Africa costs an average of 25p, so this means that any amount that you give will help in so many ways, reducing Co2 in the atmosphere helping with climate change, helping our environment, reforestation, plus helping us fight to end extreme poverty and hunger in some of the poorest parts of our planet, we can't thank you enough for supporting us.

£ 0.25- Plants one tree and offsets 31.4 pounds of carbon per year

£25 plants 100 trees
£62.50 plants 250 trees
£125 plants 500 trees
£100 plants 1,000 trees
£2500 plants 10,000 trees

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